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Attractive prices
In addition to having our own production plant, we are building cooperation with several textile factories, which allows offering the most attractive prices for the customers.

In-house production
We are working with experienced designers and technologists, strictly observing the quality. We offer the complete production cycle: from elaboration the design to the creation of the final products. All your needs will be satisfied in a single company.

Vast hands-on experience
We are working in the field of textile products sales for many years. We are ready to work with both cozy apartments and spacious hotel complexes and resorts.

Affordable curtain fabrication at our online studio

Our Velona shop offers the full range of services for our valued customers.

By using the curtain fabrication services at our online studio, you will be able to evaluate the highest level of quality and the mastership of our professional designers. They will help to create a real masterpiece using only natural and qualitative materials. By looking at the final product you will be able to notice all the advantages and benefits of Velona in-house production: perfect tailoring and incredible quality for the affordable prices. You will also be satisfied with the order delivery time – it will take just 3-7 working days!

We offer not only custom curtain fabrication, but the fabrication of tablecloths, unique sets of bed sheets for your bedroom, as well as many other incredible products.